Joseph Raymond Coelho 


The Institute for Franciscan Environmental Studies
Biology Program
Quincy University
1800 College Avenue
Quincy, IL 62301 U.S.A.
Phone: 217-228-5432 x3268
FAX: 217-228-5222
Office: North Campus A207


1984. B.S. Biology with honors. University of California, Riverside

1989. Ph.D. Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology. University of Colorado, Boulder.

Professional Organizations


Reprints available by request for most articles.

Coelho, J.R., C.W. Holliday, J.M. Hastings and C.M. Phillips. 2016. Thermal biology of Pacific cicada killers, Sphecius convallis Patton, in the upper Sonoran desert. Journal of Thermal Biology 57:101–109. doi:10.1016/j.jtherbio.2016.03.001

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2009. Illinois Rain Garden Initiative. $500.

Recent Presentations

2011. Peoria Camera Club. "Ghost Town: Ruby, Arizona."

2011. Missouri Nature and Environmental Photographers, St. Louis. "Photographing the Galapagos."

2006. Sigma Zeta National Conference, McKendree College. "Sex, bugs and rock & roll" (keynote address).

2006. Missouri Academy of Science, Kirksville, MO. "Missouri Stream Team as a teaching tool."

2005. Entomological Society of America: "Insects in rock & roll cover art: new trends.”

2005. Missouri Academy of Science, Jefferson City, MO. “Distribution of Cicada Killers (Sphecius) in North America: a First Look.”

2004. Missouri Academy of Science, Kansas City, MO. "Determining the Distribution of a Brood of Periodical Cicadas Using GPS: Methods Used, Lessons Learned." presented in the special symposium Geospatial Technology Applications in Conservation.

Professional Experience

2008 - present. Associate Professor. Institute for Franciscan Environmental Studies, Biology Program, Quincy University, Quincy, IL
2004- 2008. Assistant Professor. Biology Program. Quincy University, Quincy, IL
2001 - 2004. Associate Professor and Chair. Dept. of Biology, Culver-Stockton College.
1999 - 2001. Assistant Professor. Dept. of Biology, Culver-Stockton College, Canton, MO.
1993 - 1999. Assistant Professor. Dept. of Biological Sciences, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL
1990 - 1993. Assistant Professor. Dept. of Biology, Marian College, Indianapolis, IN.
1990. Postdoctoral Research Associate. Dept. of EPO Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder

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